July 9, 2017

G/29 Tournament Announcement, and a Farewell Note to All

Tuesday, July 11, 2017 @ 7 p.m.
Arrive by 6:45 please! (this helps keep Ray and Dave sane)
Monthly G/29 Chess Tournament
With International Master Michael Brooks

{Oh, and it is time to officially say farewell, as I have moved away from the Kansas City area. It has been fun sending out tournament reminders, but since my partner and I have moved away, it just makes sense for someone else to nag you to come to the club, and forget about all of your other troubles for a few hours each week! I certainly regret that I was unable to attend more chess nights in recent years, but always hoped that life would calm down sufficiently to make that a reality. This is a really great group of humans, and I wish you all the best for now, and in the future! Cheers to all of you! -- Richard Franklin, sending low-key, semi-literate, low-tech reminders, since September 2012; and now it is someone else's turn!}
Now, on with the reminder to ditch all boring routines and drudgery, and show up at the Westport Flea Market this Tuesday!

Every 2nd-Tuesday of the month, our club hosts a rated Game-29 round-robin chess tournament. You have to be a member of the USCF to participate. Each player will have 29 minutes to make their moves. You will play 3 rounds in a round-robin system, and there will be 4 players per section. Sections will be created according to your USCF quick rating (You will only play people near your current rating.) The entry fee is $5, and the winner of each section will win $15. Since this is G/29, only your quick rating will be affected.
IF you have a functional CHESS CLOCK, please bring it to the club for the tournament! 🕦🕦 If not, then no worries. There always seem to be enough to go around, thanks to those who consistently bring one to the club.
Registration begins at 6:30. Please try to arrive by 6:45 to help our Tournament Director get the pairings done in a timely manner
We hope to see YOU at the Westport Flea Market!!

🍔🍺 Please don't drink and drive!
There are always other players available for non-tournament, casual play, so feel free to come to the club, even if you do not plan to play in the tournament.

Virus-free. www.avast.com

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