July 31, 2017

1st of August G/70 at the Westport Flea Market

Tuesday Westport Chess Club:  1st Tuesday of the month 

When I get original I fumble!  
When I follow the main lines, I get positions I have no earthly Idea what to do with!

So why not play in a USCF rated G70 tournament Tuesday July 1, 2017?
You might have time to figure out what to do with that position.  
No, prize money.   
Entry fee is a huge 50 cents the tournament.  
Please bring quarters or half dollars!
Bring clocks, please!
Be at the Flee Market by 6:45 pm to get registered.  
Round should start by 7:00 pm.
Tournament director must go to work following the tournament and will not wait around! 
Tournament will be rated within two weeks. 
Please bring your USCF ID #
If you know your long rating please have that handy as well.

Door fee is $2.00 for adults, $1.00 for students!

Casual play option is available.  
We ask since it is a tournament night that you keep the banter to a low level.

Please do not drink and drive.  

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